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"Lost in Transmission"

*The images accompanying the video are just some assets that might not have been seen* A game, my group of 4 worked on, for the Global Game Jam of 2018. You had to try and make a game in 48 hours. The environment is more than a little inspired by Van Gogh's Starry Night. I contributed heavily to the creative direction and lead. I textured and UVed all the trees, stumps, fence posts and rocks. I did NOT do the shader for the tree tops. I also 3D modeled the Spiral Tree, the stump and also the main character(a pair of piggy legs as it was a first person game and I only needed to replace the arms) not featured in the video. I spent a lot of my time going around and helping where I could. I rebuilt assets and retopologized when necessary. My team was awesome. Gotta love them peeps.

Global Game Jam Project
*Video courtesy of Marisa Hike*

Danielle keeton stump

And then there was a stump.

Danielle keeton fence render

And the sketchy fence...

Danielle keeton rocks

Swirly Star Inspired Rocks

Danielle keeton trees

Textured and UVed. I also remodeled parts of these things.

Danielle keeton mah tree

The large Spiral tree you see. My creation.

Danielle keeton piggy leg

look at that Ham hock... also this leg is 464 tris...

Danielle keeton piggy leg 2

Showing a little side leg...